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Black Inventor Launches Innovative Fire Extinguisher That Works Without Toxic Chemicals

With the addition of original “Shark” Kevin Harrington to the company’s board of advisors, the new and improved Knockout 360 Fire Extinguisher helps users stop small fires with no toxic chemicals, odors, or messy cleanups. Lawrence Hardge, inventor of the Knockout 360 Fire Extinguisher Beverly Hills, CA — Unlike traditional fire extinguishers, the new and improved Knockout […]

Local inventor rolls out product on National TV

  Local inventor Lawrence Hardge launched a national campaign to roll out his newest product, KnockOut 360. More than 15 years in the making, KnockOut 360 is an advanced fire extinguisher made of environmentally safe chemicals. According to Hardge, the product terminates fires instantaneously without leaving residue like traditional extinguishers. KnockOut 360 was picked up […]