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Lawrence Hardge: Inventor, Author, and Entrepreneur

Lawrence Hardge has a passion for inventing new products and motivational speaking. Lawrence has received the Spirit award from the City of Detroit for donating 5,000 of the original Knockout 360 Fire Extinguishers to the Citizens of Detroit. He is known as a Who’s Who among business executives. Recommended by Hines McCoy Aviation in Atlanta Georgia to spotlighted as an inventor in the Smithsonian National museum of African American History and Culture in Washington D.C. He is the founder and Chairman of Hardge Global Manufacturing, LLC, Hardge Capital LLC, Hardge Holdings LLC, Hardge Industries LLC, Hardge Enterprises LLC and Hardge Diversified Services Inc.

Lawrence Hardge began inventing when he was seven years old in his home of Vicksburg, Mississippi. He has created a variety of products including Smackout911, Knockout 360, Battery Technology Consulting, Hardge Window Wipe-It, Hardge Tire Foam, and Hardge Seal-It. He presented his Knockout 360 while he was the President of the Technology Division Fidelity, a NASDAQ, in New York. The Knockout 360 is a state of the art fire extinguisher that stops fire on contact. The clean-up is easy as there is no mess. This product is also biodegradable.

Lawrence Hardge is the managing logistics agent for the Party Plate. It is a plate that separates food from each other while having an area dedicated to holding a drink. The Party Plate has a small cylinder located under the actual plate for individuals to hold on to. This cylinder allows for the plate to be steady and gives it the ability to hold more weight. The Party Plate has been shown on Anderson Cooper.

Lawrence Hardge believes in using determination and the success formula to increase his success through his inventions. He has provided scholarships for disadvantaged students and supports second chance programs for ex-offenders. He has also supported non-profits and charities. Lawrence will continue his journey to live the American Dream. More information can be found at

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